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Public Insurance Adjusters and Why You Need to Hire them for Your Claims

It actually goes without saying that where you happen to suffer loss of property or damage to them like would be in an accident or fire damages and you had the property insured against these, then it would obviously follow that after the occurrence of such you would want to start the claim process for these losses that you may have suffered. And when it comes to these times when you have to make a claim for such, chances are so high that you would be working with an insurance adjuster who will be assigned to the case and would be tasked to assess the damage and come up with what it is that is to be paid for.

In as much as it is a fact that filing an insurance claim has such effects of being burdensome and will as well as well have the potential risk of increasing your insurance rates going forward, a number of the policyholders often opt to file for a claim in the event of an accident or some other kind of disaster that they may have insured against and as such pay the deductible instead of taking on the whole burden of the loss that follows.

To start the claim process, you need to first contact your insurance company through your agent and give them all the details. After you have so reached out to the insurance agents and the company by extension, what will then follow will be having an insurance adjuster assigned to the claim you have. By and large, the most important part in the claims process is working with the claims adjusters.

This is the professional with whom you will be dealing with most during the entire process of the claim. Looking at the types of claims adjusters, there are basically three types of adjusters and these are the company adjusters, the independent adjusters and the public insurance adjusters. Both the company adjusters and the independent insurance adjusters are in a way coming as options from the insurance company to work for, the company adjusters being employed by the insurers and the independent adjusters being hired by the insurance companies for these needs.

But looking at the public insurance adjusters, these are equally independent adjusters but they are not hired by the insurance companies but are hired by the policyholders. In essence the public insurance adjusters will work for the policyholders. The independent insurance adjusters and the company insurance adjusters charge the policyholder no fee for their services but still there are a number of reasons and cases where as a policyholder you will see sense in hiring the services of a public insurance adjuster.

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